We offer products used for the construction of robotic stations and lines, which we want to interest integration companies. Thanks to these products, your implementations will go faster and the execution will be more reliable thanks to the use of our components manufactured by us and proven over the years.

We offer in this area:

  • grippers for sacks, cartons, packs and other products
  • conveyors cooperating with the grippers of our offer
  • standard pallet conveyors and with pallet positioning
  • turntables for products that change the orientation of the product moving on a conveyor belt

Design and implementation of robotized stations

We offer design solutions in accordance with customer requirements as well as their implementation.

The design and implementation of the contract includes:

  • Visualization of the position in the CAD environment.
  • Complete technical and operational documentation.
  • Solutions in line with European safety standards.
  • Installation and commissioning of the station at the destination.

Programming robots and PLCs

We program industrial robots in companies such as:

  • Comau
  • ABB
  • Kuka

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