11. Roller conveyor - type X

Roller conveyor for bag feeding cooperating with X-type gripper (GMX).

Manufacturer Symbol: PR1

Dimensions: L: 900 mm, W: 1090 mm, H: 450 (working height 350 mm)

The conveyor modules can be combined with each other.

Weight: 120 kg

Load capacity: 50 kg

Power supply: 3x400V

Speed: 300mm/s - standard, other speeds on request

Motoreducer: 0.25kW or 0.37kW

Rollers: steel or rubber, fi 50, roller spacing adapted to the gripper. The color of the roller in the standard is black. It is possible to use a different color - on request.

Lead time: in stock or 6 - 7 weeks

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