16. Roller for bag forimng

The task of the roller is to press the bags transported by the conveyor. The mangle aligns the material in the bag (one bag), so the bags stacked on the pallet look neat, and the material itself on the pallet is aligned. We also supply a control box with roll speed control for the roller. The advantage of the roller is that certain types of bags with automatic closing (e.g. cement, graphite), close better.

Name: bag forming roller

Manufacturer's designation: RFM

Dimensions: L: 460 mm, width: 300 - 800 mm, height: 1000 mm.

Power supply: 3x400V

Speed of the roller: adapted to the speed of the conveyor with which it cooperates (the same as the linear speed of the conveyor)

Control: contactor or inverter

Roller diameter: 280 mm

Power consumption: 250W or 370W

Gearmotor: selected according to the customer's needs

Weight: 120 kg

Lead time: 5 weeks

Price: inquiry

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