14. Pallet Roller Conveyors with pallet positioning system

Nazwa: Pallet Roller Conveyor PP1.5 and PP2.5
(modules 1.5mb and 2.5mb) with pallet positioning system

Product symbol: PP1.5 and PP2.5

For pallets to 800mm width:
Working width 850 mm

1.5mb module: Length: 1452
Width: 1710 Heigth: 500     
2.5mb module: Length: 2544
Width: 1710 Heigth: 500
   For pallets to 1000mm width:
   Working width 1050 mm

   1.5mb module: Length: 1452
Width: 1910 Heigth: 500

   2.5mb module: Length: 2544
Width: 1910 Heigth: 500

Length: each modules can be linked together – from 1.5mb to 100mb

Power supply: 3x400V

It is possible to drive any sections of connected conveyors in the line

Speed: 200mm/s – standard, other speeds on request

Gear motor: Nord 0.37kW or other matched to the load and pallet roller conveyors length

Rollers fi 80 with flanges and without flanges (standard). Others on request

Lead time: in stock or 6 - 7 weeks

Pricing: enquiry

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