15. Product rotator

The product rotator is used to change an orientation of the product carried on the belt conveyor. This device is often used in the palletizing process where it's necessary to rotate a product in situations eg. when two bags are stacked longitudinally and another three crosswise, or in the case of palletizing cartons where the orientation of the carton is necessary for optimal stacking on the pallet. The product rotator is adapted to work with cardboard boxes, bales or similar products.

Name: Product rotator 0 – 90 degrees

Product symbol: OP

Dimenssions: length from 900 mm to 6000 mm, width from 120 mm to 1000 mm, heigth from 300 to 2500 mm

Maximum mass of the rotating product: 25 kg

Speed: 300mm/s – standard, other speeds on require

Colour: white RAL (standard). Other colours from RAL palette on require

Power supply: 3x400V

Motor: electric and pneumatic

Lead time: 5 weeks

Pricing: enquiry

Possibility to deliver with belt conveyor PT1. 

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