2. Customized roller conveyors

They are devices that are used for in-plant transport of goods (e.g., in a warehouse) and products with regular shapes (e.g., cartons or boxes of products, euroboxes, small pallets, etc.). Roller conveyors can work independently or can be one of the components of a complete automated material handling line or a palletizing station or line.
The conveyors we sell are driven by a high-performance geared motor, and the drive is transmitted to the rollers through a chain gear, so that the operation of the conveyor is stable and there is no possibility of slippage of the drive (also avoids the need to stretch the belt, which occurs in belt conveyors). The mechanism driving the rollers is fully enclosed to reduce the possibility of an accident at work.

Deciding on our conveyors, you are sure that its purchase will contribute to cost optimization related to time savings because goods will not be transported by employees, and money savings resulting from reduced maintenance costs. In addition, by investing in roller conveyors you will increase production efficiency.

You can use the money you save to further improve your business, thus becoming a more attractive manufacturer.

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Technical specifications of standard conveyor:

Working length: any

Working height: 300 to 2500 mm

Working width: 120 to 1000 mm

Motoreducer: Nord

Transmission: chain transmission - stable operation of the conveyor and no possibility of drive slippage

Rollers: fi 50

Maximum load: 50 kg/m.b.

Speed: 300 mm/s (standard speed, other speeds on request)

Delivery time: depending on the length of the conveyor

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